Manual Towards A Risk-Based Chain Control

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The approach taken to complete each of these steps may vary depending on the requirements, available resources and complexity of the supply chain involved. Independent of the approach to be followed, gathering, processing, handling and communicating the right information is a prerequisite to effective supply risk management and control.

A supply chain risk management solution should therefore consist of two highly interconnected elements:. The ability to track a product from farm to fork is a complicated process, especially given the number of processing cycles a product might go through, as well as the potential complexity of the product recipe itself. The latter is often a combination of a number of different ingredients sourced around the world and mixed together at different stages of the supply chain.

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The requirement for almost instant access to such information means that manual traceability systems become less and less acceptable. Manual systems are considered to be much more susceptible to error, and fraud. There are a number of reasons why companies would adopt a traceability system, either internally or across the wider food chain. Literature suggests that industry has ten main drivers for the implementation of food traceability: legislation, production optimisation, chain communication, competitive advantage, certification, quality, food safety, sustainability, welfare and bioterrorist threats.

Companies may voluntarily adopt a traceability system for different reasons.

Supply chain risk management – I: Conceptualization, framework and planning process

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Supply Chain Risk Management

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    Supply Chain and Risk Management: Making the Right Decisions to Strengthen Operations Performance

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