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Muzafer H Saracevic. Complex, Web applications e-mail: esad dr. Specifically, the web application is accessed via a web browser and therefore update and maintain web applications without installing special software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for their popularity. This paper describes integrated management and the production of Web applications in the Java programming language. JSP technology is a mixture language.

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The applications are stored on the server The application is created in the three- and operate on the principle of client- layer architecture. It is divided into three server connection, i. Presentation layer contains HTML request, it sends a response to the client.

Java Servlets data-handling. Business layer is built in are Java classes that extend the Java Servlet technology. The data layer functionality of the server. They are stores data that can be retrieved or changed executed on a Web server and act as a by the business layer.

Each edition is intended for the transfer and layers are independent.

If you development of specific applications and need to switch applications from MS provide different execution runtime Windows operating system onto the Linux environment: operating system, it will not be necessary 1. Java 2 Standard Edition, J2SE - to change the whole application but only a provides execution environment for the part of it.

Java Enterprise vs Java SE

Three-layer architecture is development of desktop applications and similar to the MVC architecture, Model - represents the core of functionality for the View - Controller. In MVC architecture, some of enterprise applications; parts contain business logic among the 3. The paper also gives an set of execution environments for example of a simple Web application development of applications for embedded designed using three-layer architecture.

Written On the other hand, Java is a programming applications can be executed on any language whose major characteristic is a operating system, assuming that the complete independence from the physical operating system has JRE Java Runtime platform on the level of translated code. Environment or JVM Java Virtual Java programs, in the form of applets, can Machine that interprets Java instructions, be embedded in Web pages and thus turning them into specific operating distributed to users.

The consequence of system orders. For each request a separate thread is created, which makes 2. Development of Web execution significantly faster than any applications in the Java other technology, in which, operating programming language system must create a new process for each Web applications are applications that request, initialize it, run it and clean up are created on request by dynamic web after it, which is extremely slow. One pages, and shall be executed on the example of such technology is the CGI platform provided by the Web server. How technology Common Gateway Interface. HttpServlet, and has Protocol address and sends some request.

The HttpServletRequest and client is actually a Web browser e. HttpServletRequest Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google class contains methods by which we can Chrome, Opera responsible for the correct find out information sent by users, while display of responses. Web applications in HttpServletResponse class has methods by the Java programming language can be which data is sent to the user.

GET requests transfer 2] The optimal result is achieved by a parameters through URL Uniform combination of both technologies, as Resource Locator , which is, due its described below. Using Language. The downside of this disclosed outside the server, only derived approach is that a large part of the servlet results are submitted. This way, the author output consists of HTML tags.

The user code is fully protected, as opposed to interface is included in the servlet, which applications that run in a Web browser means that when changing the user using the Java Applet technology.

An example of a simple used to generate the output. Instead, they servlet "teach" JSP translator how to translate the import java. An example of. That code is on means that you should install the s request of a Web page translated into package java.

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