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He is a great tactician. He knows how to read, analyse, and break every map in order to foresee how a sprint is going to play out and assign specific tasks to every teammate. Another wayward sprint from Nacer Bouhanni, another relegation. Caleb Ewan was given victory at the Cyclassics Hamburg after the race jury deemed that Bouhanni had cut the Australian off. The eyes of the audience are blind to it, dazzled by the blaze of his character and the controversy that surrounds him. Bouhanni is a strong-worded person, unafraid of conflict. He seems to enjoy the tougher questions of our interview as much as he does rubbing shoulders during a sprint.

This is not the only time in which we have seen members of the peloton speaking out against Bouhanni. At the Ruta del Sol, par example, Simon Geschke claimed in Twitter that Bouhanni had been pushed by a teammate over a climb in a stage he later won. We discussed this case with Nacer, too. I feel stronger after hearing these kind of critics.

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Ironically, his defiant way of answering to criticism makes him an easy target as it unwinds a phenomenon of conformity. The boxer Bouhanni considers himself a punching bag for some of his rivals. Few people actually know me in the cycling world.

The Importance of Overcoming Struggles in Life

My real friends are not involved in cycling at all. One happened in late June, on the eve of the French National Championships, when he woke up in the middle of the night with his brother [and teammate] Rayanne to get entangled in a fight with some drunk guests of the hotel in which they were staying.

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That skirmish resulted in an injured hand that caused him to miss the Tour de France — a French leader, on a French team, absent from the biggest race of the year, held in France, due to a meaningless brawl with drunken strangers. The other occasion was the nights that followed the Milan-San Remo. With meters to go, after kilometres of sharp racing, Bouhanni was in the perfect position to take the victory. Then the sprint unravelled and his chain slipped, condemning him to fourth position.

I went straight away to the Volta a Catalunya and won two stages, but I think I succeeded out of mental power rather than of my physical level. Bouhanni has unfinished business with La Classicissima and hoped to close it this season. Bouhanni was forced to swap the WorldTour racing days he missed for long training rides and an appearance at the Nokere Koerse, a Belgian semi-classic he won by several bike lengths.

Nacer Bouhanni? The victory was good for his confidence, but a win at a km 1. HC in Belgium is not the same thing as at a km Monument. Not many people could have followed them.

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Everyone was full gas. There was nothing I could do. For the sprint, Soupe led me ideally, but we missed Christophe Laporte who was on the other side of the road. I took the wheel of the Trek train, and when they moved away I was forced to launch from a distance. In the last 20 meters, I had no energy, I had to sit back. I have regrets, but it was for a fourth place, not for victory. Instead, further chapters of his compelling story will be staged there, and elsewhere, for years to come, before the eyes of the whole cycling world.

Fran Reyes wanted to make a living out of modeling but had to settle with being a journalist. Nowadays, he is a freelance cycling writer featuring mostly in Spanish media and goes to the gym once a week, slowly chasing his dream of posing for Yves Saint Laurent. The leading group only has 3. The peloton thins out to about thirty riders. Another 71 km - Astana is fed up with the low pace of Jumbo-Visma and reports at the front of the pack.

The riders feel that immediately, because more are already hanging on the elastic. Jumbo-Visma still controls the large group on the flanks of the Puero de Chia and allows a 4. Another 87 km - The lead of the five refugees continues to rise. They already have four minutes. Another 90 km - We see drops on the lens of the television camera and riders put on rain jackets. In short: it starts to rain in the center of Spain. Does that still influence the price trend? Still 92 km - Halfway through the stage, the serene calm dominates in the peloton.

Jumbo-Visma leads the dance in the large group, with Movistar and Astana as corpses in the wheel.

Peloton: the $2,000 stationary bike altering at-home, streaming health

Another km - Jumbo-Visma thinks it's fine in the peloton. The logical consequence is that the lead of the five leaders grows to three minutes. The leading group now consists of five riders. Only km - Does the attack by Geoghegan Hart turn out to be a chasse fries?

The Brit is not a meter closer to the four front runners and still faces a delay of one minute. The peloton now follows two minutes. The Brit has more than a minute to bridge. Led by the Dutch Jumbo-Visma, the peloton follows at 1. Led by Lennard Hofstede, the platoon gobbles up the marred pursuers. Wout Poels must already pass. With only half a minute ahead of the peloton, several new riders are looking for the attack.

It is waiting for the names. Another km - Samitier is looking forward to today. The Spaniard comes first on both the Pedro Bernardo and the Serranillos. He has no chance for the mountain jersey, but shows that he has good legs. In the soaked descent he then leaves his fellow refugees behind and so he is now alone in front, with a minute ahead of the peloton.

The leading group has only a minute ahead of the peloton, as a result of which some daredevils try to make the crossing. However, they come in a genuine chasse fries. Roglic has seen it and runs after the world champion.

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In the meantime, it has started to rain considerably, which can also have a major impact on the price trend. Because Madrazo is not with him, he is not going to take full advantage today when it comes to mountain points. That means that Geoffrey Bouchard will be the winner of the mountain classification, as long as he stays on his bike up to and including Madrid. Still km - It is a battle between Astana and Jumbo-Visma in the peloton for the time being.

Movistar, the team from whom you would expect the most naughty tricks, is remarkably cool.

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Still km - The lead of the leading group has dropped to less than a minute and a half due to the dragging of Astana. In this way, attacks also make no sense. It was Omar Fraile who was the first to give it a blow, but in the meantime just about the entire Astana team has already tried. None of them get away, but the pace is killing early in the stage. Fraile attacks in the bunch! The leading group is now twelve people strong. The leading group had a good three minutes lead, but Astana's violence has already driven away for more than a minute. In the wheel of George Bennett, the Slovenian red jersey carrier simply keeps the connection at the front.

Still km - James Knox is the best classified rider in the leading group. The year-old Englishman is ninth, at Another km - A first leading group has formed.

The moment that the peloton moves in motion in the second to last stage in the Tour of Spain. Another km - The jury gives the signal, we have started the last mountain stage in this Vuelta!