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This program unlocks key secrets to higher revenues, greater net worth and deeper confidence. What if I told you that there is a way to improve your finances and experience greater business success. What if I told you there is a way to better business choices, better life decisions to eliminate problems before they even appear. Better Life. What if I told you there is way to achieve all of this with joy and authentic purpose. Achieve Fulfillment.

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This is no magic, or tricks, but there is a path. You will set these three pillars in the ground and your business foundation will be forever solid. This is the where the roots of your business take hold and keep everything steady and growing as you travel upward in your business.

Once this foundation is set, you are on your way to Business Enlightenment and the promise of a fuller, more purposeful and abundant life.

Do you want to grow your business but there is never enough money to add team or make capital investments? Does you business dominate your thoughts and are you fearful of losing control of your money, power and identity? Do you see how the wrong questions are framed by fear and low self-esteem? Those questions are easily answered by demeaning and pessimistic thoughts and ideas. It is actually much more than a glass half-empty vs.

The water is leaking no matter how full it is or how fast you refill it. Asking the same ill conceived questions over and over prevents us from ever moving past our self imposed limits.

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The definition of insanity is to expect a different result from the same repetitive actions or questions. If business feels difficult, confusing, frustrating and slow going, it may be the answers you invite in and the beliefs you have that drive your decision making. Your decisions and consequent actions may be keeping you stagnant.

These are decisions made without regard for how they align with your own money personality, authenticity or business vision. Have you experienced the frustration, stress, procrastination and confusion and sometimes hopelessness that comes as a result? Well, simply because the amount of time, energy and dedication you put into your work is a huge chunk of your time here on earth.

Abundance and Prosperity...

To sustain momentum, it has to feel good. Entrepreneurship is interwoven into your life in a holistic way. It can blend into the whole of your life in a joyful way that feels purposeful and satisfying. Especially if you chose to become a business owner, you did not set out to make your life less free, or more unhappy. This is a way to pull together the pieces that will help you to travel the path and continue to build along the way, forever.

This is a journey into yourself and back out into the world again, that you can take over and over. In this exclusive and intimate group coaching program, we take 8 big leaps that change everything:. Combining live group, and private coaching sessions, with training and action days and a high tea celebration midway , this program addresses various learning styles and keeps it all compelling throughout the program- there will be video, audio and written materials that supports the coaching.

Primarily, I will be coaching, training and holding you accountable to your goals, but you will also have a group of like minded entrepreneurs supporting you and providing ideas and feedback. The reason EMPOWER works so well is because it helps you connect to your own unconscious money beliefs and your feelings your heart while implementing practical strategies. It is a holistic approach to business and money that leads to financial reward, with fulfillment and joy. You will begin to lead a more limit free life — a life where you enjoy success, abundance and freedom in your business and all areas of life without having to wait for years.

You may think of money as simply the paper and coins that you earn, save, spend or lose. In reality though, you most likely relate to money on a different level. You feel an emotional connection or dissonance with money in the same way you do with people. Most people think of money as an object and not a relationship. And here is the shift. Money is a relationship.

Money as inanimate object and money as relationship are two very different perspectives. Inanimate objects do not need to be treated in the same way relationships do to prosper and improve. Money messaging starts at an early age.


Messages that form our relationship with money later. Parents, grandparents and other family members tell us directly or indirectly how we should feel about money, and about the earning, saving and spending of it. They communicate to us both how we should treat it and how we should feel about it - fear, anxiety, greed, charity, abundance, optimism are all messages that are passed on to us by family, culture, media and others who influence our thinking.

We absorb these ideas into our subconscious mind early, before we understand our own minds and grow up with these seeds developing into hidden beliefs that then sway our thoughts and our decision making. Much of the messaging was stored in our brains before our conscious minds were developed enough to evaluate them rationally. It is also a natural protective mechanism to distance ourselves from what it is perceived negatively.

Think about it. Your money relationship becomes coding for your patterns of behavior, driving decision making and subsequent happiness. Have a belief, Act based on belief, Receive outcome based on action. It is present when you decide to go on your own and build a business and when you decide to change careers or not.

It goes on throughout life without interruption. My own story demonstrates the significance of this relationship. Decades ago Michelle was a very successful business consultant. At the peak of her profession, she decided to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship that she harbored for years. With the ideas and business know how, creating and scaling a business of her own would be simple, right? Seminars, courses, books, she did it all, constantly.

She turned off all outside media for a year because the pressure felt too great to take in any negative input. Mine made sense until a cold night during the winter of Quite the contrary. It was all my own doing. The culmination of decisions that did not serve me.

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I understood financial principles and yet I was broke, and verging on bankruptcy as we started over in a new and expensive town. I felt powerless regarding money. It started to affect everything, the relationship with my husband, even with my children. And then came that night couple days before Christmas. I still remember the sound of the wind in the tree behind the house.

Its branches were dancing in the dark and the moon was projecting its interlaced shadow on the wall of my bedroom. The perfect symbol of my tangled situation.

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    • How did I get here, at this age? At this point, I had nothing to lose. Despite having traveled the world in my corporate life, I had not been on an airplane without my children in over a decade. So when I flew one hour to Phoenix for that conference, it was a big deal and a turning point. What I learned at the conference hit me hard. There it was: money is a relationship. It is not just an object to use or a resource to manage. And, I realized that I was in a bad relationship with money.

      I was made aware of my hidden money beliefs that was the secret part at the conference.